We landed in the light of the palm


We have chosen as the first online point of sale www.elparacaidista.es for the modernity of this new concept and because we really like the selection of products they host.


Its new concept is that it can be bought online from home and go to visit the store where all its products are exposed to be able to feel them live (in Calle La Palma, 10. Madrid) or can be purchased there by downloading the El Paracaidista app and they send them home directly so you do not have to carry bags.


A building of singular beauty and historical significance. In 1788 Carlos III ordered to construct the Real Factory of Wax in this same building, that at that time were the outskirts of the city. For almost 84 years the factory welcomed the best artisans in Europe acquiring fame and international prestige. The phrase «sign in the light of the Palm» has its origins here and was used as a synonym for formalizing alliances and contracts. Palaces and Royal Sites illuminated thanks to «La Palma» until in 1834 the Queen Maria Cristina orders its closure due to the incipient use of gas lighting. The tradition and the good work were hanging on a thread until Federico Carducho Ponce decides to acquire the rights and to keep alive the flame of the factory until 1918 when the appearance of the electricity put an end to the generalized use of candles.

Curiously in this magnificent space that was born as a wax factory today exposes our candles to land our beginning of sale in the global networks internauts.


It is a «Concept Store» with 4 floors where the best brands of fashion, technology, books, music, decoration, beauty and gourmet among other sections meet.

Products and collections redesigned exclusively and limited by the signatures to be sold only in El Paracaidista (the Paratrooper).

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In addition, it has two magnificent terraces, one of them is the attic, where the restaurant is located. The other is part of the cocktail bar, located on the side of the building.


img_7134      img_7116


Some of the still life that accompanied in the presentation of our candles. For them the florists Fransen et Lafite made a bouquet of beautiful white roses.

Wishing to perfume and light your homes creating moments of Bliss. Good weekend!

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