The magic of perfume

What we do not see and can not touch is always a mystery, the sense of smell is one of the first to develop and from my point of view the most powerful of all.

The connection with the hypothalamus is direct, the aromas connect us with images that we may like or produce rejection unconsciously that are related to the experiences from the earliest age.

In my research on aromas I studied olfactotherapie, the essential oils, are the concentration of olfactory properties and vibrations of plants. They are very powerful and have great powers of transformation at the healing level.



In my Reiki sessions I used the essential oils to potentiate and heal, with incredible results. Not only do they affect the olfactory level, they also change our vibratory field when they come into contact with our skin.

I was always a lover of perfumes, the ability to transport us to a lived experience or to a new imagined is magical.

In particular niche perfumery, has that artistic side that I fall in love with. They must be my Mediterranean origins that connect me with this love towards essences.

The word perfume comes from the Latin «per fumum«, which means «humarade or incense.

In Sumeria, which was the most advanced and complex civilization in the world at that time, it was they who first developed ointments and perfumes.

Egypt soon took the idea of cosmetics from the Sumerians. The priests filled their prayers with perfumes, which they made themselves , using very strong odors that favored the elevation of the spirit: myrrh, rosemary resin, galbanum, frankincense, lahdan. Very early in the morning, each priest proceeded to the cleaning of the divine statues, anointing them with ointments and making up their faces and those of the statues. Thus they believed to obtain the protection of the gods and ensured the passage to the beyond. Precisely this belief is what explains the practice of embalming: to keep intact the body in perfumed and rotting substances to enter the sky of the Egyptians.

In the tomb of Pharaoh Tutankhamun were found more than three thousand boats with fragrances that still retained their smell despite having remained buried for more than 30 centuries. The women of the high society used to put under the wigs that usually they carried, cones made with ox fat impregnated of diverse perfumes.


Jar of alabaster where they kept the perfume, the glass of our candles evoke this type of container.

Through the Mediterranean came these rituals to Rome, the Roman ladies had a particular form of perfuming made fill the mouths of their slaves with perfumes and then be swollen face and body. A kind of human vaporizer.


But in Rome not only people were perfumed. Before battle or victorious returns, the banners of the legions were dampened with strong fragrances, and it was also common to perfume salons, dresses, theaters, weapons and even animals, not to mention any religious ceremony, wedding or burial.

The Arabs were able to better assimilate and perfect the knowledge of the cultures that preceded them.


el fabricante de perfumes ernst (FILEminimizer)

Using stills to distill alcohol as a support of the essences, they elaborated refined perfumes such as musk, civet and water of Roses, to name the most loved and required throughout the Middle Ages.

Florence and Venice were the capitals of the perfume. As alchemy died in pursuit of the birth of chemistry, the art of perfumery evolved markedly by improving distillation and the quality of essences. Using oriental techniques, in Venice they produced the first bottles of blown glass. There, the nose profession began to take on great value.


The fashion demanded the use of gloves and these should be perfumed. Grasse, a small town in the south of France, manufactured them in large quantities and their guanters then decided to perfum them already in the factory. For that they began with the cultivation of lavender, jasmine, mimosa, orange, rose … At present, Grasse has more than two thousand five hundred technicians dedicated exclusively to the perfume industry. Although I intuit that the origins of the flower cultivation in these lands comes from the time that Maria Magdalena was by that land sharing her teachings, she used the essential oils. I’ll tell you this story another day..


The noses elaborate the perfumes using pyramids that mix between starting notes, heart notes and base notes. There are usually 15 notes in total, the first notes last about 10 minutes, then the heart notes about 20 minutes to stay the base for hours.

These combinations of essences that are creating a single perfume are dancing some notes with others. I like to visualize the perfume as a dance, where you dance with some, with others to finish with those notes that will remain the rest of the dance.Our candles have this type of composition.

Here I share some image of the flowers that are grown in Grasse.

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Lavander fields.



Roses fields.






Mimosas, on the mimosa route.

Perfumes carry us into the past, make us dream or discover new universes. I am in love that’s why I wanted to share my passion for them.

I hope your homes are richly scented and that you can enjoy the flowers that give the earth these days.

Have a beautiful day!






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