Suniti Essence: an ally to vegetable wax

Today we want to share same information that it is important to us and explain why we use vegetable wax instead of mineral wax (paraffin) or palm oil for our candles. Paraffin is a petroleum derivative that is produced using waste oil refining, and is especially intended for the manufacture of candles. A study by the University of South Carolina presented at the American Chemical Society ensures that the gases that occur when ligh paraffin candles (which are most we usually find in stores) cause cancer and cause environmental pollution, and which is a nonrenewable toxic material. Risks have already been warned by the American Lung Association. In addition, its components, there are pollutants such as benzene and naphthalene.

Another type of candles contain palm oil, whose production is cut down and burned daily rainforests.

Peru Ucayali Rodung Palmöl Primärwald Melka Luftbild

There are illegal plantations for whose their implementation the forests are cut down, with organutanes sentenced to death,
with displaced indigenous and peasants illegally sent to prison. No palm oil is friendly to the environment and social
conditions. The felling of forests are produced
every minute and destroyed irreversibly. The World Bank has stopped financing
palm oil industry more than a year ago due to unsustainable conditions.


Therefore we do not want to be part of this scenario.

One of the Eco materials most used is soy wax, which is more beneficial to health and the environment. To achieve different flavors and colors, they can be used natural dyes and essential oils, without damaging the planet. Being one hundred percent vegetable, soy wax is a healthy choice. It is obtained through a soybean, resulting in soybean oil, which, through a process becomes solid. These solid grounds are what let our candles being considered «eco friendly». Soy is a product that is renewable and biodegradable and, above all, is not a toxic or artificial product like petroleum fuels.


Our wax comes from an exclusive recipe founding Cerería Vila Hermanos based on natural and biodegradable substances,ensuring a clean and renewable source of energy and a free combustion of noxious fumes for health. Faithful to a philosophy of respect and care for the environment, none of the ingredients contributes to deforestation or deterioration of habitats or native fauna. Their secret formula contains ingredients such as soy, coconut or nuts.

a-blissful-home-peaceful-napVegetable wax candles 100% without paraffin, oil or animal fat.

It is advisable to burn the candle at least an hour for the perfume will spread in space, the vegetable wax has a burning time slower than the mineral. And cut the wick before each new use for better combustion.

One tip, if you want to experience the perfume on your skin swipe your finger over the wax, when off-cold and apply it on the body. Another advantage of the vegetable wax. I hope this information has been useful and that you can enjoy our candles with peace. Have a beautiful day!



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