Silence Time, a moment of peace.

A moment to go inside, of being in peace, of inner silence. When the day ends and we look for a space to be alone or share from the intimacy.

For a long time in the practices of yoga and meditation, I was accompanied by a very special incense of a beautiful flower called Magnolia Champaca, are collected on a sacred mountain called Arunchala in India where Master Ramana Maharashi was enlighted.

It says that Buddha was enlighted under a magnolia tree, this incense is used for meditation practices, they believe that the next Buddha will achieve enlightenment under a magnolia tree. In the temples in India, offerings with this flower are common.

The magnolia flower has a sweet, exotic and lovely aroma.


What is meditation? It is the ability to be present, you can meditate at any time, doing any task. But having a moment to do a practice and be able to observe the fluctuations of the mind, as it calms down to reach a state of peace, is a gift.

«Truth itself can only be attained within oneself through the deepest meditation and consciousness» Buddha Gautama.

Recent studies show that incense has a high toxicity as much as that of a regular smoker, due to benzene, fine particles and formaldehyde, as substances are derived from petroleum.

For that reason we have paid tribute to this beautiful flower in the form of a candle, it is accompanied by other wonderful substances that create a unique niche perfume. All the raw materials are of the highest quality from Grasse (France) with vegetal wax that ensures a clean burning without toxicity.

Musky Floral

Head Notes
Tangerine, Lemon, Orange Blossom.

Heart Notes
Michelia Champaca, Jasmine, Ylan-Ylang.

Base Notes
Patchouli, Styrax, Black Musk.

We recommend you to have this experience, it is a perfume that calms the mind and opens the heart.

As well as for a moment of creativity, when we are channels and we can enjoy composing a song, writing, cooking or dancing ..

a-blissful-home-silence-time-cajaA gift for our well-being and  perfect as a present to those we love.

May peace invade your homes. Ohm Shanti.





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