San Valentin or fall in love, without fear of being romantic.

Valentine’s day, no matter where this tradition comes because it is not its weight what is relevant, what I like is the meaning. It’s a time to say I love you to those we love.

It can be romantic, amical or family love.

Cupid seems to be the most protagonist on this date, he has shot the arrow already and the lovers are in this beautiful moment of hypnosis.

Because being romantic is not about age and now we have an excuse to be.

I love flowers but in a day like this I’m sad for its short duration, so the ideal gift it’s a wonderful perfume that wraps the home for a long time, will remind you every time they smell it.

The Suniti Essence candles last 80 hours of burning, (350 gr) it is recomendable not to burn more than 2 hours in a row, it is enough to diffuse the aroma and when being left there is presence of the perfume. In a natural vegetable wax without any toxicity.

The glass of the candle evokes the alabaster perfumers used by the Egyptians and Greeks in antiquity, so it is a container that after its use can be used as a flowers vase, as a pen holder or for the bathroom to put things ..



Thus the memory of Saint Valentine will last during those days in our homes that will envelop us with beautiful aromas in that precious container.

Depending on the time of day or the atmosphere that we wish to create, we have these precious  perfumes in the form of candles:

                                                                 Breakfast in Paris

A Blissful Home 8

The elegance of the roses wrapped in a sweet halo of strawberries and caramel. Without being cloying sweetens smoothly. Feminine and elegant.

                                                                        Peaceful Nap

A Blissful Home 7

A centenary fig tree in the Mediterranean, notes of fig that give peace accompanied by the saltpeter and  the wise centenary trunk.

It is a candle that creates a sense of home, of well-being, that makes us feel good.

                                                                    Silence Time


A Blissful Home 6
A moment of calm, relaxing the mind with the exotic notes of magnolia champaca and powdered musks. She is kind, she is tender and she encourages meditation. It helps to create moments of inspiration.

                                                                        Spicy Aperitive

 A Blissful Home 5

In this appetizer rises the heat with the playful spices that incite the game. Surrounded by beautiful flowers, jasmine, roses … and a base with the most masculine sensuality of oud, sandalwood and patchouli.

It is a spicy candle, for a daring night or a strong personality.

How do you feel to your Valentina or Valentino, elegant and refined, cozy at home, mystical silent or spicy cheeky?

It is a gift for her and for him, the niche perfumery does not understand sex but what makes you feel good.

Let yourself be seduced by these perfume and share them with those you love.

Create a special day, fall in love. Be romantic!

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