Monica Colomar, a Balearic butterfly that with her flight beautifies your home.

After more than 20 years of meeting people and finding out what they need for their homes, Monica Colomar has conjugated and developed a special sensitivity to know and guide us on the way to our dream home, creating a set of sensations that will make a difference in your home. .

Each person is unique and needs a different system, looking inside and discovering what decorative elements intonate with your way of being is the specialty of Monica, for whom the house is a system in which everything must fit and the master piece is you, must be in harmony with your way of being.


That’s why each house designed by Monica Colomar is unique, with environments that transmit the host’s personality through the textures, furniture, dishes and aromas that define them, being able to make any homey occasion in a unique moment of reunion with oneself or with your loved ones.



The good taste of Monica is seen in the beautiful objects of his shop in Menorca, simplicity, elegance and delicacy. Everything I see there, I want it. Those delicate vintage tableware, those washed linen sheets, Kilims..all attention to detail in their quality; Bamboo towels, dyes and natural cosmetics.


I feel like redecorating my house to fill it with that beautiful selection. Suniti Essence feels at home in Papillon-menorca, because they vibrate in the same energy, principles and lifestyle.


Monica, I’d like to know more about you;

How does life take you to dedicate yourself to the decoration?

It is a feeling that has always been with me without realizing it, since I was little I always liked to see beauty for everything.

I have always liked to be in harmony, playing with flowers, enjoying a well-set table, designing the clothes on my dolls and then picking up rags and dressing them my way. I dreamed awake with wonderful houses and places, gardens, forests, etc … and be surrounded by these things.


For me, to enjoy, and beautify any moment, is very important as simple as it seems, I feel more life and enjoy it more, that’s why I wanted to share this to people.


I have always been passionate about flowers, natural food, tea, candles, cooking, textiles, etc … until I understood that everything was part of the same and that they had to live together, it was the way to transmit to people all this, to make them live their own space and essence.




My connection with Paris made me travel to this city and it was all like a reencounter, as if I already knew this city, was something very deep and difficult to explain, hence the name of Papillon, which is transformation like butterflies, we are all as in a capsule that in a given moment of life if we listen we are born and leave our wings to undertake our true life (butterfly).

It was my first trip and my transformation, discovering an endless number of feelings that I was not aware of before and there they sprouted and understood everything. Papillon has been created with this need to transmit and enjoy it, learning every day of everything.


What do you value most when it comes to creating a home for a person? How do you discover the essential needs of a client?

Discover how people are, how they live and try to offer their own environment for them with all their needs, and above all have a sense of use and useful.

Our homes are a reflection of our identity, of our way of living, till where do you think it affects us to feel in harmony or disharmony with what we are in our home.

Watching and listening to feel them. When we are at home it is like a refuge that gives us harmony and security to connect with ourselves.That’s why we can not make homes in series, each one is unique like us.


Do you think it affects the olfactory presence when it comes to creating a space, why?

The aromas are like the music, it opens the pure feelings to us and they can harmonize them.


From the collection of Blissful home, which candle you like better, why?

The fig and the wood they  harmonize and transmits  me serenity, elegance and discretion.


I am very happy to be part of your space dedicated to create beautiful homes, I hope together we can help people to feel that Blissful Home in their homes.

Thank you Monica.

Papillon by Monica Colomar

Calle Santa Clara 31 bis.

07760 – Ciutadella de Menorca. Spain

Teléfono: +34 971 38 31 34

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