If to fig tree your kiss smells …»


If to fig tree your kiss smells …»

The title of this post is a verse from the poem «Spring Jealous» by Miguel Hernández. And is that on March 20 occurred this year 2017 the entry into the spring, the season of the year of the beginning, in which nature is renewed.

A day before, because on March 19, my second son, Gael, was born, filling my life with blessings. That is why my hands have their touch busy on my son and my family, leaving the keyboard more remote than I would like.

But today I want to find a few moments to pay attention and share with you these lines on such a special season.

In spring it is a time of flowers and births. And with them, the scents of romance between earth and sky permeate everything.

campo horizont

It is said that spring has that name for honor to the goddess Aphrodite, goddess of love, reproduction and beauty. Some think that it may also be that it refers to the first truth, because with its olfactory music it floods everything of renewed essence.



In any case, it is clear that spring brings us the scents that, like the smell of a newborn, warm and intimate, contain the essence of life. In this picture me with my daughter in her first spring.

The spring is inaugurated with a time in which the day has a duration equal to the one of the night in all the places of the earth. At night in the countryside, the light is dressed in an elegant and friendly blue that fills the color of the view, without spots.

There is a moment of balance and relaxation, a moment of rest, conducive to lucidity.

Therefore, in this time of aromas, the «Peaceful Nap» candle in my collection is especially suitable for me.

In this balance we can find a propitious moment to reconnect with nature and to adapt to the simplicity of life.

In the composition of the fragrance of this candle I accompanied the fig with this pyramid;

Green Fruity Woody

Head Notes
Grape Leaf, Lemon, Hyacinth.

Heart Notes
Sandal, Fig, White Flowers.

Base Notes
Coconut, White Musk, Tonka Beam.

The fig tree is a tree that symbolizes abundance and well-being, but also of generosity, because it asks for little and produces much.



When I created  «Peaceful Nap» candle, I wrote that it was «a cozy candle in which the motherly presence of the earth is felt, taking care of us.» Somehow, in spring, we are born again, and that maternal presence of the earth, taking care of us, makes us feel children, to connect with the maternal touch that with so much love nourishes us and adorns with fruits and colors.

A Blissful Home 7


I wish you a happy spring, and have many kisses that, as the poet Miguel Hernandez wanted in his «Celiosa Primavera», they smell like a fig tree.

With the best loves and aromas.



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