Photographer: Igor Gayarre

A collection of luxury candles to create a “Blissful Home”. Aromas that connect us with our emotions, memories or dreams that enhance our mood. Our home is our temple, a place where we gather and a sanctuary to share with our loved ones, for millennia homes were perfumed with incense.

Allowing for different environments that will change the atmosphere at different times. Each candle is different and unique in its composition of nature (flowers, fruits, resins, spices and plants). Created by Suniti, María Jurado, in collaboration with Emmanuel Philip, one of the greatest noses in the world of perfumery (Cire Trudon, Fornassetti Profumi). Manufactured in one of the oldest perfumeries in Spain, Vila Hermanos Cereria (founded in 1884, Albaida) using raw materials of the highest quality, natural fragances from Grasse (France), 100% natural vegetable wax ( without paraffin) and pure cotton wick. Burns 80 hoursThe raw material that comprises the candles comes from an exclusive recipe put together by candle makers Vila Hermanos. They are made up of natural and biodegradable substances, ensuring a clean and renewable source of energy, free of the combustion of noxious fumes. The candles are faithful to a philosophy of respect and care for the environment. None of the components contribute to deforestation or the deteriation of natural habitats of the natives. The wicks are made from pure cotton. The glass candle evokes the alabaster material from which were made the vessels to store perfume the Egyptians and Greeks in ancient times.

Argentinian painter Agostina Mascardi artistically represents each candle packaging with an alchemical watercoulor painting.

A collection that evokes a nomadic life. A place to call home. Memories that reflect the thirst for life of its creator, María Jurado, through the olfactory intangible matter. It had to be the most abstract sense -and also the most evocador- which managed to channel personal experiences opening the door to free interpretation.

Wax candles 100% vegetable without paraffin, oil or animal fat.

It is advisable to burn the candle at least an hour for the perfume to spread in the atmosphere, the vegetable wax has a slower duration than the mineral wax. As well as to cut the wick before each new use for better combustion.