Spicy Aperitive: Mandala of spicy spices, flowers and the sensuality of the oud. To raise the fire in winter.


With the arrival of the winter cold, what we most want is to live special moments

inside our homes. For this we have made this candle that creates a unique atmosphere.

It has the properties of raising the internal fire by its pungent spices in the head 
notes, in the heart it is filled with flowers creating beauty and increases the 
sensuality in its resinous base with the oud, musk and patchouli.

It is a perfume with oriental inspirations of India and Middle East, there  the 
spices are integrated in the daily life and the value of oud is equal to the one of 
the gold.



The oud is a wood of Asian origin, also known as agar, in which the essence of the 
resin is obtained when the tree exudes to the attack of the fungus Phialophora 

Its use dates back to hundreds of years ago, Oud wood, is burned in the incenses that fill the temples of Bhutan for ceremonies and Egyptians embalmed the bodies for
 mummification, they say it purifies. As well as for medical terms in Ayurvedic
 medicine, for its anti-inflammatory and rejuvenating powers.

It is not until relatively recently its frequent use in modern perfumery, especially in niche perfumery, although it remains a material difficult to obtain.

Considered as the jewel of the perfumers'crown (along with jasmine or rose), Agarwood brings to the perfumes a dark, powerful, mysterious but at the same time warm, 
sweet, woody category with strong components of Resin and smoke. We would add that 
it has a very high sensual-sexual component.

The artist Agostina Mascardi formed the visual version of Spicy Aperitive with a
 mandala with a dance of the raw materials. Mandalas are symbolic spiritual 
representations and rituals of the macrocosm and microcosm used in Buddhism and 


It is very probable that this universality of the mandalic figures is due to the fact that the concentric forms suggest an idea of perfection and that the perimeter of 
the circle evokes the eternal return of the cycles of nature.

To accompany this perfume during a cold day would be perfect a hot chai tea.



And to transform the moment into a sacred one, nothing better than a chimney fire 
under the sounds of this melody.

For this the artist Igor Gayarre has created this video and this music called 
"Evocation", accompanied by the sarod of Japanese musician Wataru Kousaka.


Enjoy, happy moment!

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