María Jurado (b. Alicante, 1975) always devoted to exhibiting her talent, she has acted to the orders of directors such as Abel Ferrara and Michel Gondry, lending their talent to the brands such as Chopard or Dior.

Her unquenchable thirst for learning has made her bethink and search for a more spiritual path. In exploring herself, she came to find Reiki, a healing discipline that rebalances energy through the hands. María has become a master of this spiritual discipline alongside some of the most recognised of Reiki masters, reaching different experiences to those lived hitherto.

I wanted that my brand reflected my passion for plants and flowers, by the vibrations they emit. I consider them authentics gifts of nature with healing properties, and their aromas are as healing as beautiful. Suniti means ‘virtue’ in sanskrit, an essential, positive and powerful value. This is Suniti Essence, the virtue of natural raw materials understood as essentially naked “.

Her intuition has changed the path that she once walked as a small girl, finding herself strolling into the universe of aromas. Intent on incorporating essential oils into her therapy to benefit from its healing power, she has studied and acquired the knowledge of Olfactory Therapy.

She is immersed in the alchemy of plant extracts, in the hidden secrets of nature, the magic of the ancestral botany can transform moods through smells and vibrations.

She understands that each of us form a part of the whole, and that there exists indivisible connections between people. Here again arises the creator in her, feeling the need to record and share the experiences she has lived. María feels the need to offer a gift to the world and Suniti Essence is her way of returning the love she has received.

Signature scented candles with a vocation of experience that reflects a nomadic lifestyle, one filled with the desire to live, the love of the beautiful, art, the pleasure of being with ones she loves, the fun of an electrifying night, the peace that comes with a chosen solitude. Universal feelings of free interpretation. To share with others.